Workers form union at Sydney Casino, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Sydney security workers from left: Curtis Dauphney, Brad MacQuarrie, Justin Pollock and James Timmons.


Security workers at Casino Nova Scotia in Sydney have voted to unionize with SEIU Local 2. They represent the first group of workers to form a union at the Sydney casino, but join hundreds of other SEIU members in Halifax and Ontario who work for Great Canadian Gaming, Casino Nova Scotia Sydney’s parent company.

“All of us Casino workers in Sydney deserve a living wage, real job security, and a strong voice in our workplace and community,” said said Curtis Dauphney, a security worker who helped lead the effort. “We’ll only get that by standing united across departments and with our colleagues at other facilities.”

“The pandemic led to layoffs and unemployment for so many of us and really put a lot of things in perspective,” says Curtis. “We’re thrilled to be coming out of the pandemic empowered to negotiate for the improvements we’d like to see and with the job protections that come from being unionized. We are stronger together.  Let’s raise standards and strengthen our collective voice as Casino workers in Sydney and across the region.”

SEIU Local 2 represents hundreds of Casino workers in Halifax, and thousands of Casino, Racetrack, Security, and Service employees across Canada.

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