JUstice for janitors

The goal of SEIU’s J4J movement is to build power for all janitors by developing member leadership and activism, winning strong contracts, organizing unorganized janitors, and building political & community power.

Private Retail Liquor Store Workers (BC)

We face numerous challenges. The cost of living keeps going up, wages are low, and raises are rare. Making matters worse, many of us are not allowed to accept or keep tips. It often seems we don’t have a voice at our workplaces. But there’s a way forward. We’re coming together through the Beverage Workers Rising campaign.

Beverage workers rising

Beverage Workers Rising is a response to the workplace challenges faced by employees in the brewery and liquor industry working for both independent craft institutions as well as global multi-national corporations. Workers in the beverage industry across Canada are seeing their wages stagnate and working conditions eroded by companies focused primarily on cutting costs. Together, workers can improve working conditions by connecting with one another and forming a union.

Stand for Security

Stand for Security is a campaign that empowers workers in the private security sector to address the issues  we face at work. Forming a Union with SEIU Local 2 provides us a path to come together and collectively make improvements. 

Golf course workers united

Golf Course Workers United is a campaign that brings together workers to overcome the challenges we face in the golf course sector. Wages have not kept up with the sharp rising cost of living across Canada. Together, workers can improve working conditions by connecting with one another and forming a union. SEIU Local 2 represents hundreds of golf course workers in over a dozen courses in BC.

Canadian Brewery Council

The Canadian Brewery Council is a multi-union coalition committed to improving our members lives by developing and sustaining open lines of communications. We are fostering collaboration through sharing of collective agreements and all other labour related matters that can help illuminate the playing field against an aggressive anti-worker agenda. We’ve agreed to put partisan matters aside, whether it be who you work for or what Union represents you and solely focus on the opportunity that co-operation can provide to enhance, protect, and defend our members interests.

Take Action!

Spill the Beans on Java Blend

Nine Java Blend employees, including the four leaders of a union drive, were illegally terminated last week according to an Unfair Labour Practice complaint filed by SEIU