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workers make?

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Union members are more likely to report health & safety violations and refuse unsafe work!

Unionized workers are more likely to have workplace benefits, pensions and paid time off!

What we Fight For:

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Better Wages and Benefits

Reports from Statistics Canada indicate that unionized workers earn significantly more than non-union workers. The same statistics show that unionized workers have better benefits, including sick leave, extended health and dental benefits, long term disability benefits, vacation time and pension plans.

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Respect and Fair Treatment

In non-union workplaces, promotions, wages and other benefits are often determined by favouritism. In a unionized workplace, wage rates and benefits are negotiated for all workers equally. Job vacancies must be posted and the employer must consider applications equally with consideration given to seniority.

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Safer and Healthier Workplaces

All too often, workers in non-union workplaces find it difficult to enforce their right to safe working conditions for fear of employer reprisals. A union ensures workers are not punished for exercising their rights under the law. As a result, statistics show that unionized workplaces are much safer than non-union ones.

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Job Security

A union contract can strengthen job security considerably by restricting the contracting out of jobs, providing workers on lay-off with recall rights and by providing workers with protection from unjust disciplines and/or dismissal.

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A voice in the workplace

In a non-union workplace, all the terms and conditions of employment (wages, benefits, hours of work etc.) are determined unilaterally by the employer and subject to change without input from workers. In a unionized workplace, workers and the employer negotiate the terms and conditions of work, which are then set out in a legally binding contract.

Members' Voices

Having a union allows us to bring up workplace safety concerns without fear of getting in trouble—and that's important.

Olga da Cruz
Janitor, Hallmark Housekeeping Services
Toronto, ON

Working with a union has not only provided me a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, it’s also given me a work/life balance that allows me to spend more time with my family and piece of mind knowing that at the end of the day I have support for any situation that arises, work related or not.”

Mike Smith
Brewer, Labatt Breweries
London, ON

Being part of a union allows me to not only fight for improvements for my co-workers and myself, but for future employees as well.

Christina Bradley
Wine Merchant, Wine Rack
Toronto, ON

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