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Olga da Cruz
Janitor, Hallmark Housekeeping Services
Toronto, ON

With the power of being part of a union, my co-workers and I fought and won health benefits and a pension plan in our contract. Many janitors would not even think this is possible. To the companies and the public, we were practically invisible, but not anymore.”

Carlo Felicetti
Founder, Brand Strategist Technician, Arterra Wines Canada (Lab)
Niagara Falls, ON

If a problem arises at work, we have the ability to resolve it because together we have strength. I’ve been a member for 27 years and being unionized has helped my colleagues and me win good wages and benefits.” 

Duane Squires
AZ Driver/Trainer, Labatt Transportation
Mississauga, ON

Recognition of our seniority is something I really value. It’s important the company recognize the time we’ve put in; it not only gives us job security, but also provides us improvements like better vacation pay.” 

Michael Alvarado
Security Guard, University Health Network
Toronto, ON

As a union member, I don’t have to worry about inadequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which keeps me free from exposure and stress so I could go home to my loved ones. Being part of a strong union is what gives me that confidence.”

Chris O’Brien
Forklift Operator, Labatt’s Distribution
Mississauga, ON

Being in a union has made the workplace fairer for employees. Safety and other important issues are taken into account because of the unity of the workforce.” 

Violet Loomer
Janitor, Bee Clean
Halifax, NS

We won health benefits and wage improvements and most importantly the power to stand up to management when necessary and address problems.”

Amado Agamao
Janitor, GDI Integrated Facility Services
Vancouver, BC

We are here to work with respect and as a union we can fight for the sort of respect we deserve at work.”

David Sheppard

David J. Sheppard
Lead Porter, Casino Nova Scotia
Halifax, NS

All of us at the Casino in Halifax are now laid off for an extended time because of Covid-19. It’s nice to know that because we are unionized our jobs are protected and we will be recalled.”

Lucky Molina
Forklift Operator (Bottle Sort), Brewers Distributor Ltd.
Port Coquitlam, BC

When you’re in a Union you feel a sense of unity amongst your fellow brothers and sisters.” 

Matt Nicholson
Driver, Molson Transport
Etobicoke, ON

SEIU Local 2 has provided stability throughout my career, for both my family and me. It has also provided me security, knowing I will have a pension at the end of my career.”

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