These are the union commitments passed during the 2020 SEIU Local 2 convention which will guide the union through 2024.

SEIU Local 2 Resolutions

— 01


The Union will expand its anti-racism/discrimination education resources to include new training modules for use at basic stewards’ trainings as well as general membership meetings.

— 02

Worker Co-operatives

The Union will develop specialized expertise on cooperative development, participate in worker cooperative associations and support the launch of unionized worker cooperatives financially where they are deemed to be viable.

— 03

Capital Stewardship

The Union will recruit a dedicated staff person to undertake corporate research and capital stewardship work and will integrate this person into SEIU’s union-wide work in this area.

— 04

Strike Readiness

The Union will take the following measures to prepare a greater level of strike readiness amongst the membership:

1) The union will update its strike/lockout training resources and make these available to all bargaining units preparing for negotiations.
2) The SEIU Local 2 Constitution and By-Laws will be amended to remove the requirement that the employer’s final offer be rejected twice prior to strike action.
3) The SEIU Local 2 Constitution and By-Laws will be amended to increase strike pay.

— 05

Member Resource Centre

The Union will develop a proposal for the creation of a Member Resource Centre to be presented to the Executive Board. The target date for implementation will be the spring of 2021.