2024 National Bursary contest now open!


Every year SEIU Local 2 awards seven bursaries totaling $10,000 for higher education financial assistance. Active SEIU Local 2 members and their dependents who will be attending a university or community college full-time are eligible to apply.

The entries are divided into western, central and eastern regions of Canada. Each region has a $1,000 and $1,500 award. There is also one $2,500 national award.

Deadline for 2024 applications is July 12, 2024.

See application form for details.

2023 Winners

Western Region

$1,500 Winner – Ethan Greenan
$1,000 Winner – Abenezer Faltamo

Eastern Region

$1,500 Winner – Brennan MacDonald
$1,000 Winner – Catherine Delorey

Central Region

There are three winners in the Central Region this year as the National winner is from the region.

$2,500 Winner – Olivia Mirowski
$1,500 Winner – Berin Chandrathuvakkal Biju
$1,000 Winner – Joshua Biju

Winning the SEIU National Bursary meant that I could put more of my time, energy, and efforts into succeeding as a student. The financial relief from the bursary relieved some of the stress that comes with living away from home as a full-time student.”

Waqar Shah
2022 Western Region Award Recipient
This bursary has been very meaningful to my educational journey, especially as the cost of housing and tuition are steadily increasing. Thank you to SEIU Local 2 for providing this opportunity. I hope I can positively impact individuals struggling with housing and related challenges as a future healthcare professional.”

Nicole Grass
2022 Eastern Region Award Recipient
Continuing my education to a higher degree is already a gift, though, when I received the phone call that I had won the second-placed bursary. I was speechless. It felt unimaginable to be given this opportunity, let alone win. This award has helped immensely. I am incredibly thankful for SEIU. I will carry this feeling of recognition throughout my education and career to pass on to others.”

Elysia Paike
2022 Western Region Award Recipient
Winning this scholarship has helped me meet my financial obligations as an International Student in Canada. It is invaluable support that I will ever continue to cherish!”

Ayinde K Sunday
2022 Western Region Award Recipient
I am a Health Sciences major currently completing a program in Clinical Trials Management. I plan to pursue a career in health research upon graduating from Western University. By awarding me the SEIU National Bursary, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning. I hope to one day make a positive difference in healthcare and I'd like to thank you for helping me on my journey to meet that goal.”

Manahil Ahmad
2022 Central Region Award Recipient
I am so grateful to have won the SEIU National Bursary. This is very meaningful to me as it will ease the stress of paying for my education and help me on my academic journey. Thank you for this honour, I am very thankful.”

Olivia Mirowski
2023 Central Region Award Recipient
Thank you SEIU Local 2 for helping me in being a step closer to my dream of pursuing a higher education. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and its help in alleviating my financial stress.”

Abenezer Faltam
2023 Western Region Award Recipient
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"I am so grateful to have won the SEIU National Bursary. This is very meaningful to me as it will ease the stress of paying for my education and help me on my academic journey. Thank you for this honour, I am very thankful."
Olivia Mirowski in graduation gown holding flowers.
Olivia Mirowski
2023 National Winner​

Excerpts from our 2022 winners

Waqar Shah
National Winner

Affordable housing initiatives for Indigenous and other people facing homelessness needs to be addressed. Over 70 percent of Indigenous British Columbians live off-reserve, and a disproportionate number of them are either homeless or underhoused in BC. To ensure the right housing is created and to advance reconciliation, the government should engage with indigenous people to develop the housing design and delivery.”

Nicole Grass
Eastern Region Award Recipient

People can only begin to heal from their mental illnesses and trauma once they have a safe and stable roof over their heads. Taking action would be well worth the cost for all levels of government considering poverty costs Nova Scotia approximately $2 billion each year (Saulnier & Plante, 2021).”

Elysia Paike
Western Region Award Recipient

Any discussion relating to affordable housing must reflect on the United Nations declaration of the Human Right to Affordable Housing as a guiding principle. The Right to Adequate Housing is outlined in the International Bill of Rights which declared that adequate housing is universally viewed as one of the most basic human rights. Recognizing the basic right to housing is essential to providing solutions.”

Ayinde K Sunday
Western Region Award Recipient

Affordable housing is achievable in the British Columbia province if there are political wills to promote a people-first policy (as exemplified in Finland).  An approach that lessens the burden of approval processes while prioritizing housing for every B.C. resident is needed like never before!”


Manahil Ahmad
Central Region Award Recipient

In part due to the ever-growing demand for and lack of available housing, coupled with high prices on currently available housing, Ontario is facing an affordable housing crisis. Potential solutions to this problem include construction of affordable (government subsidized) housing, zoning readjustment, and rent control.”