AUS Bargaining

Attention members of SEIU Local 2 employed by Allied Universal

This is a bargaining year!

Your Collective Agreement expires at the end of December 2022!

Get Involved!

We will be bargaining for a new contract with additional improvements soon. Your opinions and participation are essential to a successful process.

Available Soon!

Zoom Town Hall Proposals Meeting

Details Coming Soon!

Bargaining Committee

There may still be positions available in the Bargaining Committee. Contact your rep for more information.

Union Reps

If you have any questions about your Collective Agreement or workplace issues, please contact your union representative.

If you work in Southwestern Ontario, your rep is Alain Lajoie (based in our main office in Mississauga). Alain can be reached by phone at 905-602-7477 Ext. 214 or email at

If you work in Northern Ontario, your rep is Jeff Rooney (based in our Thunder Bay office). Jeff can be reached by phone at 807-473-9651 (toll free at 888-887-5343) or email at