Marine Drive Golf Workers Make Impressive Gains

First year groundskeepers are receiving an immediate wage increase of either 8.8%, 7.8% or 6.7%


Workers at Marine Drive Golf Club in Vancouver recently ratified a new collective bargaining agreement with some impressive gains.

“The part time/seasonal workers were in need of a serious rise in wages with rental and cost of living rates out of control,” said Neil McNab, a groundskeeper, and a member of SEIU Local 2’s bargaining committee. He has been Marine Drive since 1991.

First year groundskeepers are receiving an immediate wage increase of either 8.8%, 7.8% or 6.7% depending on how many days they have worked. They will see a 4% increase in year two of the collective agreement and another 4% in year three.

Bernard Ting and Neil McNab.

Mechanics will receive a 5% increase in the first year of the agreement, and 4.5% and 4% in years two and three respectively.
“I’m so glad that issues were resolved, most importantly compensation and benefits,” said Bernard Ting. “Union members will feel safer, healthier and will enjoy a better quality of life.”
Bernard has worked at the course since 2019. He was also a member of SEIU Local 2’s bargaining committee.

Some of the other highlights in the new CBA include increases to all premiums, including:

  • Pesticide Premium – from $3.00 to $3.50
  • Lead Hand Premium – from $.45 to $1.00
  • Gardner Premium – from $.50 to $1.00
  • Irrigation Premium – from $1.00 to $1.50
  • Temporary relief of Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent now has a premium of $1.00

There are other economic improvements including an improved boot allowance, medical certificates are now 50% covered by the Employer, the Employer now covers almost all cost of the Health and Welfare Plan (Employer pays $2.35 and Employee pays $.10), and the Employer agreed to pay CRA rates for mileage at $.68 for every kilometer.

Union members now receive five paid sick days to start and six after completing one season.

“Having paid sick leave has definitely made a difference in people’s health and wellbeing,” said Neil. “Hopefully employers will see the benefits of having these days with less staff absences due to sickness being brought into the workplace reducing productivity.”

Neil McNab, Kristofor Zlomislic and Marcus Dorsey.

The new CBA also has improved language in several areas, including:

  • Vacation Pay
  • Bereavement Leave
  • WCB
  • Discipline

Please refer to your CBA for details and speak to any member of the bargaining committee if you have any questions.