International President Mary Kay Henry meets with Local 2 E-Board

SEIU brought the Fight For A Fair Economy to Toronto in June as the International Executive Board met at the Park Hyatt Hotel to continue developing its’ campaign for economic fairness and increased unionization across North America.

“SEIU Canada was pleased to host this very important IEB meeting in Toronto and to highlight the important fact that the fight for a fair economy is not limited to the U.S. or Canada but is a truly International crisis that needs a strong international union response”, said SEIU Local 2 President, Cam Nelson.

International President Mary Kay Henry met with the Local 2 Executive Board before the IEB. She spoke of the urgent need to organize private sector workers and congratulated Local 2 on being one of the fastest growing SEIU private sector locals and on building a cross- Canada SEIU presence in the private sector.

Discussion revolved around the core elements of the Fight for a Fair Economy campaign: politics, organizing and member leadership & action, how they interact, and how they can lead us to win for working people.

The IEB decided to mount a massive ‘Good Jobs’ demand through every campaign in political campaigns, contract fights and in every possible organizing campaign.

SEIU Local 2 already has an ongoing ‘Good Jobs’ campaign in ‘Justice for Janitors,’ which to date has organized nearly 5,000 cleaners Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Earlier this year Local 2 successfully launched a Good Jobs for Scarborough, campaign in Ontario which helped save the jobs of close to 40 cleaners at the Scarborough Town Centre. Good Jobs campaigns were also launched in Burnaby, B.C. and have yet to conclude.

Despite the intensifying attacks on workers, SEIU has successfully organized  30,000 workers in North America so far this year.