Presidents Welcome

Cam Nelson, President of SEIU Local 2 BGPWU welcomes you to our Union &  Website.   2013 is the 111th year of our Union representing Canadian workers. Not many companies, countries, or Unions survive and prosper for 110 years and more. When our Union began its history in 1902, the Autoworkers Union did not exist in either Canada or the United States and neither did the Teamsters or the Steelworkers. Canada itself was only 35 years old.

Our Union has prospered because throughout its history its leadership has been both tough minded and imaginative and our members have worked together to win the benefits that unionism makes available to working men and women.

In February of 2005, the Executive Board and membership of BGPWU demonstrated that skilled leadership and solidarity when, after an exhaustive process, our Union entered into a ground breaking merger with North America’s largest union – SEIU.

We arrived at this decision after thorough discussions with seven of the strongest and most creative unions in Canada. We chose Service Employees International Union because it offered our Union an unparalleled opportunity to grow while maintaining our present structure, independence, democracy, culture and name.

The motto of the SEIU is “Stronger Together”. We believe that being stronger together is what trade unionism is all about and believe that this merger agreement will do just that – make us stronger.

In the last 20 years, while most North American trade unions have been shrinking in size, the SEIU has more than doubled its membership to 2,100,000, making it the largest and fastest growing Union in the world. Only through sheer size and strength can Unions effectively defend their members against an increasingly hostile, globalized economy and multinational employers.

Since joining with SEIU in 2005 our Local has been the fastest growing Local Union in Canada. We have almost tripled our size – growing from 4,500 members to our current 12,000 members and expanding across Canada. We believe that growth is the single most important goal for the labour movement today and the very best way for Unions to make the lives of their members better.

As we move forward in 2013, we are continuing to grow and build a strong Canadian SEIU Local in the private sector in Canada. Our website is continually updated to keep you informed about the latest news in Local 2 BGPWU and elsewhere in SEIU.