Canada’s Top Labour Leaders Call on Premiers to Show the Unity and Leadership Harper Has Failed to Deliver

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 14, 2015  MEDIA RELEASE  Canada’s Top Labour Leaders Call on Premiers to Show the Unity and Leadership Harper Has Failed to Deliver (ST. JOHN’S, NL) – At the kickoff of the Council of the Federation meeting, Canada’s labour leaders called on the provincial and territorial premiers to come together with unprecedented [...]

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Reforming Labour Laws: There’s a Lot on the line

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ontario’s labour laws are set for review this year and there is a lot on the line. It has been 20 years since labour laws were re-opened in Ontario and that was under a Mike Harris government, when many of the gains made during the province’s first-ever NDP government were rolled back. Today there is [...]

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OPSEU – Responding to the attack on Unions

As our struggle continues against the Conservative’s proposed changes to the labour laws, OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) has launched a You-Tube video, “No Free Ride”, directed by Award-winning Canadian director Bruce McDonald. This video’s metaphor is aimed directly at Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and points out the ridiculous nature of any legislation that would allow workers to opt out of paying their union dues, while still benefiting from union representation.

OPSEU has taken up the gauntlet.

New proposed anti-union laws – fight back

All unions are under attack by Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak, who is proposing new radical laws that would no longer make union membership and union dues mandatory.

The Right Wing wants unions to provide their services without pay.  Without revenue, we can’t afford to hire the people that fight every day on your behalf for better wages, work conditions and representations in disputes.

If this law is passed, the only logical outcome is the disappearance of trade unions in Ontario.  This has already happened in many States in the US, yet the promised “economic benefits” are nowhere to be seen.

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  • Senator Hugh Segal (Ontario Conservative) –“Anti-Labour” Bill, Right to Work
  • Brian MacLeod -Right-to-work laws no help to economy
  • Unionized Labour in Ontario– Media Planet Publication
  • Fight back and spread the word.