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Toronto Area Leadership Academy graduates show off their new jackets.

Toronto Area Leadership Academy graduates show off their new jackets.


SEIU is committed to helping build a broad progressive movement to address economic inequality.

At our 2016 Convention, SEIU Local 2 passed a resolution creating a Leadership Academy. The Academy will help us build and develop the collective strength, analysis and skills we need to more deeply integrate ourselves into this work.

We need to prepare ourselves to overcome new challenges and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Income inequality continues to grow and labour laws continue to fail working people. Organizing has become more challenging, undermining our collective bargaining power.

The good news is that progressive movements that challenge income inequality and the power of big business continue to emerge. The participation of organized workers in these movements is of the utmost importance.

Leadership Academy

Enhancing and developing the leadership capacity within our membership will help our Union become stronger and an important actor in the fight for social justice, both at the workplace and in our communities.

Members will be invited to participate in our Leadership Academy course which will consist of three days of workshops and 10 hours of a volunteer placement.

In addition to a certificate, graduates will receive a customized SEIU Local 2 Leadership Academy jacket.


Course Topics

The workshops will require a high level of membership participation and cover topics such as:

  • Social Movement History

  • Power and Social Change

  • Practical Leadership and Activist Skills

Course Structure

In order to accommodate the majority of our membership, most workshops will take place on a Saturday three months in a row. In some rare cases we will run the program three weekdays in a row.

  • Winter Sessions: One Saturday in January, February and March.

  • Spring Sessions: One Saturday in April, May and June.

  • Fall Sessions: One Saturday in September, October and November.

In order to graduate you will be required to attend all three sessions and complete your volunteer hours. A training may already be scheduled for your area.

Course Costs

The Leadership Academy is free to invited members. Lunch and snacks will be provided on session days. Members who have to travel a significant distance to attend workshops may be reimbursed for expenses.

Contact Us

For more information about the Leadership Academy, please speak to your Union Rep, or contact:


Diego Mendez


905-602-7477 Ext. 215

Toll free 1-800-387-0750