Grievance handling



Grievance Fact Sheet   [This is not to be given to the Employer. It is for use by the Union to investigate the grievance and should be attached to the Union copy of the Grievance form]

Blank Grievance Form

How Does the Steward Process a Grievance?

These are the steps the steward goes through in processing a grievance or complaint. The steward makes detailed notes of all steps. These go in the records if the grievance is settled informally. They are available for use at every level of the grievance procedure if the case becomes a formal grievance.

  1. Steward interviews the worker
  2. Steward checks the facts

It may be necessary for the steward to do the following:

  • Talk to other workers
  • Review the contract
  • Check rate lists
  • job classifications
  • seniority list ; etc.

Talk to supervisor

  • Check company records
  • first aid
  • attendance; etc.

Talk to the worker again

The Steward discusses the grievance with other union representatives to learn how the contract should be interpreted.

The Steward decides if there is a legitimate grievance (and if not, explains why to the worker)

Steward writes the grievance answering the “3 W’s” – Who, When & Where, identifies the grievance { “4th W”}, and what does the griever want done about it.

Steward briefs the worker. If the worker will be present when the steward takes the grievance to the supervisor, the worker should be informed that the Steward does the talking. Time limits regarding each step of the grievance (as specified in the collective agreement) are important and should be followed.