SEIU International Convention in Denvor

More than 3,000 delegates from Canada, the United States and Peurto Rico representing a membership of more than 2,100,000 members gathered in convention to review the last four years and develop a plan of action for the next four years. International President Mary Kay opened the convention with a passionate call to action to support and defend the 99%, to protect the middle class and strive for fairer and more just societies.

The Convention enthusiastically supported the fight for the 99%, elected by acclamation Mary Kay Henry as President, Eliseo Medina as Secretary Treasurer, Tom Woodruff, Mike Fishman, Valerie Long, Kirk Adams, Gerry Hudson and Eileen  Kirlin as Executive Vice Presidents. Elections were also held for International Vice-Presidents and Board members and our President, Cam Nelson was elected as an International Executive Board member.