Canadian Convention

The delegates heard reports on the achievements of the last four years from each of the Canadian Locals, shared experiences and unanimously adopted a strong Vision Statement and Action Plan for the next four years. The delegates also unanimously elected Sharleen Stewart and Danielle Legault to the positions of International Vice Presidents; Raymond Larcher and Barbara Cape to the positions of International Executive Board members and nominated Cam Nelson to stand as a candidate for the International Executive Board at the upcoming International convention. The Canadian Convention was followed by the Property Services Division Convention which, for the first time included our brothers and sisters from Workers United.

In addition to reviewing the challenges and successes of the past four years the Convention outlined an ambitious program for the next four years committing the Division to working for the re-election of U.S. President Obama, mobilizing our membership in larger numbers than ever before to fight for social justice and grow our union. Given the challenges facing us and the urgent need to revitalize the trade union movement the convention delegates committed themselves to “going ALL IN to win the battles before us.